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As a person who grew up learning as much as I could about self-improvement and how to develop more confidence in all areas of my own life, I've now compiled and detailed the strategies that I've found most useful and share them with you for free in this informative and interactive online course, enjoy!

Building Self Confidence


Welcome, the goal of this website is to equip you with the information and tools neccessary to gain a greater understanding of yourself and your ability to control your inward beliefs about yourself, naturally resulting in more confident outward actions!

My name is Jason, and I've spent a great deal of my life learning various self-improvement strategies to help set goals and build confidence. With this website my intention is to share some of the ideas and techniques that I believe have made the biggest difference in my own life. Some of the topics include the following:

* Understanding Your Beliefs
* Choosing New Beliefs About Yourself
* How to use Affirmations and Imagery
* Subliminals, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, do they work?
* Practicing Mock Walk-Throughs to prepare for situations
* Noticing your habits and changing them
* Setting aside time for your daily goal setting session!

There is also a wealth of information about the process of building self-confidence in general; What is it? Where does it come from? And we will also look at some of the more wise foundations you can build your self-confidence upon. So welcome to the site, and I hope you find it helpful in your journey towards self-understanding and creating change! I wish you all the best, and welcome your feedback about new topics and ideas that you think could be of value to someone else! This content is partially a work in progress and is constantly evolving with new understandings and updates! So feel free to share what has helped you too!

Articles & Thoughts

From time to time I will be posting helpful articles filled with new ideas and understandings. Be sure to check back often, as sometimes just one new idea is all it takes to help you shift gears and steer your life in a new direction.

"A Strong and Balanced Heart"
- 11/12/09
"Importance of Imagination"
- 06/23/09

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website includes both research and opinion of the author and is not intended to replace any professional
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